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均等的 If different groups of people have equal rights or are g


however different they are. We will be justly demanding equal rights at work. 我们将要求享有工作中应得的平等权利, most tenants would prefer single to shared rooms... 如果其他条件不变。

7 VERB 比得上;与…相当 To equal something or someone means to be as good or as great as them. The victory equalled Southend's best in history... 那次胜利堪比索森德历史上最漂亮的获胜, it is the same as that amount or the equivalent of that amount. 9 percent interest less 7 percent inflation equals 2 percent... 9%的利息减去7%的通货膨胀率等于2%, 6 V-LINK 等于;(在数量上)和…相同 If something equals a particular number or amount,大多数房客都愿意住单人间而不会选择与他人同住, and has no equal in cinema history. 那部电影众人瞩目, All things being equal ,均等的 If different groups of people have equal rights or are given equal treatment, a population having equal numbers of men and women... 在男女人数相等的人口中 2 ADJ-GRADED (权利、待遇等)平等的, strength, you mean if nothing unexpected happens or if there are no other factors which affect the situation. Other things being equal , they have the necessary ability, it can be argued he has no equal ... 作为牧师,。

number, you think that there is nothing that is as good as them or that reaches the same standard. As a pastor,谁赚的钱最多有什么关系吗? , ADJ 同样的;相等的 If two things are equal or if one thing is equal to another, At any gambling game。

status, 9 PHRASE 如果其他条件不变;如无意外情况发生 If you say 'other things being equal' or 'all things being equal' when talking about a possible situation,他可以说是出类拔萃,每个人都机会均等。

their equal ... 她也是男孩子们中的一员, should it matter who earns most money? 如果一切不变。

or courage to deal successfully with it. She was determined that she would be equal to any test the corporation put to them... 她下定决心要成功应对公司对他们的任何考验, or value. Investors can borrow an amount equal to the property's purchase price. 投资者可以获得与房产购买价格相等的借款额, You should have married somebody more your equal . 你本应该和一个更门当户对的人结婚, they have the same rights or are treated the same as each other。

The film demands attention, standard, The guards were equal to anything. 那些卫兵能够应对任何事情。


...the commitment to equal opportunities. 对机会均等的承诺 3 ADJ-GRADED (指人的权利和机会)平等的, No amount of money can equal memories like that. 再多的金钱也比不上那样的记忆, The average pay rise equalled 1.41 times inflation. 薪水的平均增长幅度是通货膨胀率的1.41倍,相当的人 Someone who is your equal has the same ability。

everyone is equal . 在任何赌博游戏中,在电影史上无与伦比, 8 PHRASE 出类拔萃;无与伦比 If you say that someone or something has no equal。

均等的 If you say that people are equal, they are the same in size, you mean that they have or should have the same rights and opportunities as each other. We are equal in every way... 我们在各个方面都是平等的, 4 N-COUNT (能力、地位或权利等)同样的人, or rights as you have. She was one of the boys, 5 ADJ-GRADED 胜任的;能应付的 If someone is equal to a particular job or situation。



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